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Biostatistics of Medizin & Service GmbH – centrepiece: statistical analysis of medical data

> clinical studies
> post-marketing observational study
> contribution to research projects
> preparation for publications

The statistical analyse of medical data – optimized assistance from the beginning

Collection of data
Already during the phase of preparation we are contributing to a high quality of the data collection, for example by:
• assisting with the design of the questionnaires to avoid sources of error from statistical point of view and to secure that the statistical analysis plan can be fulfilled
• providing electronic input masks for subsequently assumption of data on electronic media to control the detection quality computer-based
• statistical monitoring of the survey to signalize implausibility early
• completeness checks to catch up contemporary with supplements

Descriptive statistic
We determine:
• statistical parameters (average, standard deviation, median, extremes, quantile,…)
• histograms for metric measured values
• frequency distribution for nominal and ordinal data

The statistical results will be:
• commentated verbal
• summarized tabular
• illustrated graphically

Conspicuities of single parameters will be discussed, different groups (study-groups, groups of ages, …) were analysed in terms of statistical differences.

Valued statistics
The analyses according to the statistical analyse plan, which are the centrepiece of the statistical statement, were delivered at a high standard.
Therefore we work after the following principles:  
• usage of adequate, nonparametric tests by SPSS according to the agreements
• consequent indication of p-values for constant evaluation of the statistical significance
• addition of the medical discussion by interpretations in terms of statistic of the solutions according to the context
• the visualization of changes brings out the fulfilment of the goal of the data analysis
• enrichment of the data analysis by manifold group comparisons

The statistical analyse is made after biometric specifically SOP, imbedded in the quality system of Medizin & Service GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 13485.
A sample record is available on demand.

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